FIST Sprinkles Brace Sock


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Make your statement Such super compression moto socks + knee brace sleeves! The cool graphics mean there’s no going undercover with these stylish sprinkles multi-colour statements that aren’t straight forward. Premium Compression Moto Socks + Knee Brace Sleeves The Fist compression Moto socks + knee brace sleeves are made with lightweight, durable, Thermolite® technology with stretch mesh ventilation construction, creating maximum airflow to keep your feet cool and dry. They have a fully cushioned foot, and a smooth comfort toe seam. The targeted arch compression prevents bunching and helps keep your sock from slipping. Nice!




• Fist Compression Moto Socks + Knee Brace Sleeves • Lightweight, Durable, Thermolite® Technology • Superior Comfort and Breathability • Anatomical Cushioning Across Sole to Prevent Slipping Inside the Boot • Mesh Panel for Temperature Regulation • Quick Dry Permeability