Okaley Front MX Pink/Blue MX Sapphire


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Oakley is the one goggle manufacturer that continues to push the limits of what a motocross goggle can truly be. Increased safety, superior performance and improved overall vision are the end game of their overall quest, and their latest addition sees yet another high-quality offering – the Front Line MX goggle. Using a new rimless frame design, the Oakley Front Line MX goggle is designed to offer a wide peripheral view for maximum performance on both the track and in the trails.

With a large to medium sized fit, the Front Line MX goggle has also been optimised for a wide variety of faces and is engineered to fit perfectly with a majority of the helmets on the market today. For competitive racers in Australia, a bolt-on 50mm roll-off system remains available in the Front Line MX range to ensure the maximum level of clear vision during those long motos. Designed with Oakley’s Ridgelock Technology, changing lenses is quick and easy while still allowing for a complete lens seal to prevent harsh conditions from penetrating into your goggle.

For riders requiring prescription glasses, the new Oakley Front Line MX goggle also features discreet frame notches at the temple areas to provide compatibility with a range of prescription eyewear without compromising fit. Add into that the addition of the Oakley Prizm Lens technology, and you’ve already got yourself a champion set of goggles.

Simply put, Prizm lenses allow you to see colours more clearly. It filters light in a way that lowers transmission and leverages colour, so as to offer the rider greater depth perception. Anyone who rides a dirt bike knows just how quickly the terrain can change. You can have a surface that goes from hard path, to mud, to sand in the space of 50 metres. What the Prizm lens does is hone in on the colours in the changing terrains and build depth to separate them. The earlier you are able to identify the terrain changes, the faster you will be able to react.