Scott 550 Helmet Spilt white/grey


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The Scott 550 Split comes in a new design and is a high quality helmet that exploits the possibilities of ventilation and safety. Equipped with the latest safety technologies such as MIPS and Conehead and a perfect cooling management with strategically placed ventilation channels, you feel good and safe throughout the ride.


  • Cooling management for optimized and adjustable ventilation
  • 3D moulded foam
  • Lining and padding removable and washable
  • MIPS protection of the brain against rotational effects 
  • Conehead increased absorption effect for protection against radial effects
  • ECE 22-05
  • Weight ca.: 1300 g (┬▒50 g)

MIPS is a revolutionary technology using a low-friction layer between the outer shell and the liner, which slides to absorb a portion of the energy created by an angled blow to the head. This can reduce the rotational force otherwise transmitted to your brain.