WR450f 2021 build

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How to make the best off road bike even better –

The WR450FM is an amazing package and setting one up is more about customising it to meet your needs and requirements. With this bike we set out to save weight and give it a light nimble feel and make it versatile for both tracks and the bush. The idea come from loving riding the YZ450f but wanting to have full rego so the bike can be used on a range of different rides.

Step 1 Unrestricted –

Due to Australian ADR rules, bikes have to meet very tight guidelines. This bike got the same treatment all WR450f’s get coming through WBR Motorcycles. Intake, exhaust, throttle body, chain guards removed and map switch, hand guards added.

Step 2 Further unrestricting –

The WR has everything in the kit to transform it into basically an FX. The FX and WR share all the same engine components. The main difference is the engine breather on the WR goes back into the air box instead of the atmosphere. This is easily done using the YZ breather hose and bung off the air box. In this stage the horn, indicators, wiring loom, reflectors and all the small brackets are removed

Step 3 set it up to suit and add the parts –

GYTR ignition cover $461 (for looks and durability), GYTR Clutch cover $335 (for looks and durabilty), Dunlop MX33 tyres $225 (better traction), GYTR radiator braces $120 (durability), Procircuit Ti6 Pro exhaust system $1649 (massive weight saving and performance, the standard WR muffler is the first thing that needs to go. This is a YZ exhaust system so you also need a YZ OEM rubber grommet and collar to fit the exhaust), Zeta Pivot perch $220 (lighter more accurate clutch feel and more durable), Motocell Lithium battery $198 (the WR still comes with a LED acid battery so this saves a heap of weight), Strike seat cover $110 (better rider grip and looks), MX Ink graphics $260 (to finish it off, we have kept it pretty original looking with the stock shrouds), custom mapping $160 (bike run on our dyno with AFAR sensor through different throttle and RPM ranges and mapped to 12.8 AFR and custom ignition curve to suit the types of riding)

End result –

WR450f 2021 with a weight of 111.8kg, built with strength and performance maximised. A bike that could hit up the ride parks or blaze the trails.

standard WR450f weight 115.9kg and a standard YZ450f 107.5kg

Still to come –

We will still look to add a few more components to this bike as we shake it down with the new owner. We will fit a YZ rear fender as we don’t have a need for a tail light or number plate holder (this eliminates the inbuilt holes and fixtures in the WR guard and will save a little more weight). We will fit Renthal twinwall bars to customise the rider area and fit Renthal half waffle grips.

For the suspension we are going to wait and see some rider feedback first. The springs should be perfect for the new owners to suit any rider weight or needs. As this bike will hit both the tracks and the trails, we will wait to get feedback on the areas the customer feels need attention. There is no magic setup that will do everything. The WR these days is set up what we would say more aggressive than ever before and can handle a MX track and harder riding well compared to older WR’s.

Price break down –

WR450FM on road with full rego $15,949

Accessories fitted so far RRP $3738 (not including labour to)