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Complete Front and Rear Suspension setup kit to suit the Yamaha YZ65cc Racer.

Fits Yamaha YZ65 2018-2021 Models

This kit includes:

Fork Parts

  • Spring Guides 
  • Hydraulic Bottoming System
  • 17mm Face Compression pistons and shims
  • Mid valve shim stack setting including Shims

Shock Parts

  • High and Low speed compression adjuster
  • Main piston assembly and shim setting
  • Fast adjust alloy lockring
  • Specification with 3 levels of setup A/pro, B and C level racers.
  • Decal set. 

KYB Fork kit Features-

A smoother fork action with great hold up is achieved in the front end resulting in more grip, faster turns and a much improved and settled fork.  This is achieved by adding our engineered Hydraulic bottom out and spring guidance system working alongside our kit fork parts to allow an exceptionally smooth and tuneable front end. 

  • Better bottoming resistance
  • More hold up at speed
  • Smoother bump absorption
  • Multiple fork settings to tune for rider ability and speed supplied.

KYB Shock Kit Features-

In the rear we use our complete bolt on shock piston and shim stack assembly to allow a super easy install.  Our track tested setting is already pre-arranged and ready to bolt on with our piston assembly.  To maximise strength and for a factory level finish, this piston kit comes with a billet CNC machined shaft nut, engineered for maximum thread coverage and security.

Complimenting the rear piston assembly our world first YZ865 ‘HIGH/LOW Speed’ compression adjuster brings the rear unit’s adjustability in line with senior YZ MX models.  Clicker and settings supplied.

Finished off in the rear end with our CNC Alloy machined Lock ring, you can tune rider sag trackside in seconds.   The result is a rear end that tracks and is more compliant than the firm wooden like OEM rear end.

  • More drive
  • Improved bump absorption
  • Much more stability in the rear end through rough, choppy conditions.

This complete setup has been thoroughly track and suspension dyno tested and comes with multiple setup/shim options to suit rider weight, tracks and speed.